What is Ask A...

We live in an era where we consume information specially tailored to our political perspective; social media algorithms continue to feed us more of things we already believe. This troublesome cycle can build barriers and divide us.

The ‘Ask A’ series is designed to provide insight and consideration for those whom we may not know anything about. It starts a civil and respectful dialogue that allows participants to come together and learn something new. And the results have been astonishing.

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November 19, 2017

Ask A Seattle Newcomer: Beat the ‘Freeze’

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Why are people moving here? It’s an attractive place. Businesses are growing and…

September 16, 2017

Ask a Cop, get beyond ‘protect and serve’

“To protect and serve.” That’s the motto of many police agencies. But recent police shootings in Seattle and around the nation have undermined respect for…