‘When do we get past the starting point?’ Ask a transgender person


Transgender people are coming out (to welcome and rejection) more now than ever. We learn something about their experiences in news of a looming military service ban, from prominent transgender celebrities, TV shows and movies. But many of us don’t have personal connections with transgender people. KUOW’s “Ask A…” series created a space for conversations at a recent Ask a Transgender Person event in West Seattle.

KUOW’s “Ask a ___” events create a safe and respectful environment for people to explore each other’s views. We set up one-on-one conversations for six minutes. After that, a bell rings, chairs are swapped and another conversation begins. At the end, we host a group discussion and a meal. This Ask a Transgender Person event took place at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center on Sunday August 20. Click here to listen to conversations and see pictures.