Ask a Cop, get beyond ‘protect and serve’


“To protect and serve.” That’s the motto of many police agencies. But recent police shootings in Seattle and around the nation have undermined respect for the job cops do.

What do cops from around King County have to say about the role they play in our society? Most of us don’t get a chance to talk to police officers about their work and how they impact our communities.

KUOW hosted a “Ask a Cop” event to prompt more conversation.

KUOW’s “Ask a ___” events create a safe and respectful environment for people to explore each other’s views. We set up one-on-one conversations for six minutes. After that, a bell rings, chairs are swapped and another conversation begins. At the end, we host a group discussion and a meal.

This event took place at the Tukwila Community Center on Saturday, September 16. Click here to see pictures and listen to conversations.